Transparent innovation: unveiling Verive’s paper bags – a journey from manufacturing to product

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Have you ever wondered how paper bags are made? Or how they obtain their unique features like transparency, lightweight strength, recyclability, and other sustainability attributes? Today, we’ll give you an exclusive look into the manufacturing process of our paper bags and let our product specialists explain what goes on inside the factory that sets our alternative packaging products apart. 

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Putting the paper in paper bag 

How do we get from trees from FSC® managed forests to paper bag? Wood fibres from trees and water are mixed together to make paper pulp. The pulp is washed, dried, and shaped into large rolls of paper. As paper is made from renewable resources and can be easily recycled after each use, this material aligns with our product commitments. That’s why you will find it as a key component in many of our disposable food packaging products. 

All materials have their own characteristics, and the best for your business depends on factors like consumer behaviour, client environment, and local recycling options.  


Not your ordinary paper bag: Verive’s innovative materials 

As you can see in the image, our paper bag looks a bit different to the kraft paper bags you’re familiar with. The white paper Verive uses is transparent, making your sandwich, pastry, croissant or other food visible to consumers. This lets your products make the stellar first impression they deserve. Now, you might wonder, how can paper be both transparent and strong? 

It’s hard to believe this bag is made only from paper and no plastic, so let us lift the lid on how exactly we achieve this look and durability in the manufacturing process. “We call this paper ‘Evolution paper’, as it’s a highly innovative material”, explains our production expert. “The paper”, he continues, “is ironed after production. It’s ironed at a temperature of about 70 °C. By using high-quality ironing equipment and high-quality paper pulp in the manufacturing process, we ensure a refined, extremely lightweight and strong type of paper you can see through”. The result? Paper with an almost see-through quality to view the food you prepare. This results in a mono-material paper bag containing no plastic polymers, that is both food-safe and easily recyclable in the paper bin. 

But our thirst for innovation doesn’t stop here. We use a second material in addition to the transparent Evolution paper. Turning back to our production expert, he explains: “The back of the paper bag is made from a type of paper we call ‘Paperwise’. This is a food-safe material made from agricultural byproducts, saving it from going to waste. Again, without plastics and fully recyclable with other paper”. 


Inside Verive’s production process: exploring the crafting of our unique paper bags 

Verive’s paper bags are crafted through a meticulous process that prioritizes both functionality and sustainability. The production begins with a roll of Evolution paper. With an advanced manufacturing machine, this paper roll goes through the first part of the machine where it’s ironed, flattened, and cut. Then it’s glued onto Paperwise, printed, dried and packed for shipping. 

Have a look for yourself via the video below! 


The result of this production cycle? A versatile and sustainable packaging solution that caters to the demands of today’s environmentally conscious businesses.  


Sustainability beyond materials: Verive’s production plant 

Our paper bag production does not just pioneer innovative materials and production techniques. It also leads the way with sustainability factors impacting manufacturing. Specifically, our partner takes these measures:   

  • Water used in production is filtered and cleaned by its own filtering system so it can be reused. 
  • The production plant only uses green energy sourced from wind and solar. 
  • The building is warmed and cooled by heat pumps. 
  • Operations on-site are CO2-neutral, certified by Climate Partner. 
  • Additional steps are taken to map out and reduce emissions of external activities, for example at raw material providers.  


Certified quality at every step  

Our Evolution paper bags carry multiple certificates that confirm the responsibility taken at each step (i.e., materials, production and product). This includes the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification that every Bunzl-company that sells Verive carries. FSC-certified forests promote responsible forestry and are managed with consideration for people, wildlife, and the environment. They are independently audited to ensure they meet FSC’s principles and criteria for forest management.   

Just as we refuse to make sacrifices on the materials we use, we never compromise food safety. Food safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 certificate held by our production site in the Netherlands since 2012. Fun fact: we work with the only Dutch factory producing food-safe paper bags. “Innovation is for us not just about the products and materials, but everything around it”, stresses our partner. Last but not least, we think not only of production but also end of life. That’s why our paper bags are also certified industrially compostable. 

Offering alternative end of life scenarios than recycling is important, as the paper bags are often used for food contact applications, and therefore not always recyclable with paper waste after use. Composting is in that case an environmentally conscious end-of-life scenario. 


Beyond food service: Verive’s Evolution paper making waves in diverse industries 

While most businesses currently using our Evolution paper bags are in food service, other sectors have taken notice of these sustainable alternatives. The healthcare, hygienic waste, and aviation industries, to name a few, are interested in the switch to Evolution paper bags given the unique features. 

And guess what? Even though we already have something great, we’re not stopping there. Given the potential reductions in emissions for our customers, we’re working to reduce the weight of our paper bags even further. Every day, efforts are being made to improve both the user experience and sustainability factors of our paper bags. 


Paving a more sustainable path through alternative food packaging 

Sustainability doesn’t need to be costly or difficult. We’re here to offer you alternative food packaging solutions – like our transparent and durable paper bags – that support your business, comply with European legislation, and promote sustainability through data-driven expertise and certificates.  

Want to learn more? Get in touch today, or check out where to buy Verive in your country. 

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