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We make 4 commitments when sourcing our products so you know when you buy Verive exactly what to expect. Read about what these commitments are and how they help you choose the right products for your business.

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Our products are and will always be: 
Made from renewable or recycled resources

All of our single-use food packaging and tableware will be made from renewable or recycled resources.

A renewable resource is a natural resource which will endlessly replenish when depleted through usage or consumption, this occurs either through natural reproduction or other recurring processes. When it comes to alternative food packaging and tableware materials, common renewable resources are bamboo, sugarcane, wood and palm leaf, algae, fungus and agri waste. 

When we state that our Verive products are made from renewable resources we can assure you that the product is made from 99% renewable resources. This logo can be seen alongside all our products made from renewable materials:

Made from renewable resources

A recycled raw material comes from a previously used product which is collected after use and processed into new materials and objects. When looking at recycled resources as a material for food packaging and tableware it is common to see recycled plastic used to create new products. An example of recycled plastic is rPET. 

When we use recycled resources in our food packaging and tableware products the recycled content makes up a minimum of 51% of that item. For instance, if you see an rPET salad container on our online store then you can be sure that our salad container is made from at least 51% recycled PET. 

We have made this logo to help you identify products made from recycled content:

Recycled resources

Our products are and will always be: 
Reusable, recyclable or compostable 

At Verive we understand that the sustainability credentials of a product do not fall solely at one end of the supply chain, but instead sustainability requires a holistic approach and circular understanding of product lifecycles and their impact. In essence, it’s not just about what a product is made from but also about the waste management processes available for its disposal. 

We therefore commit to not only offering reassurance on the raw material of products but to also fully understanding and communicating their end of life. For this reason, all Verive products will be fully reusable, recyclable or compostable and will carry the certifications to support these claims. 


When a Verive product is called reusable it means that this item can be washed and reused. Where a Verive product can be reused we will give you an average number of reuses you can expect from the item so you understand the product’s expected lifespan. 

You can identify our reusable products with the following logo:


When a Verive product is recyclable you can be assured that this item is fully recyclable in mainstream waste management systems. Of course, it is always best to confirm this with local municipalities as waste management systems can vary depending on your location. We take this into account when sourcing our products and will always choose the most widely, easily recyclable materials for our products. 

Our recyclable products will be identifiable by the following logo:


Our compostable product range will always carry the appropriate certification to support this claim. In this case, our Verive products carry the EN-13432 certification meaning our products are compostable in industrial composting systems, where they are available. 

You can identify our compostable products with the following logo:

Compostable to EN13432

You can read more about the EN13432 certification here.

Our products are and will always be:
Responsibly sourced 

We source our range of products in an ethical and responsible way. 

You can depend on us to deliver quality and value, whilst relying on us to ensure the products that you enjoy are sourced consciously and credibly. We expect all Verive suppliers to meet the same internationally recognised human rights, environmental and quality standards that we expect of our own business. Additionally all Verive suppliers must adhere to our supplier code of conduct as a condition of doing business with us.

You can be sure that any Verive product has been sourced with the utmost consideration for people and the planet. Therefore allowing you to enjoy your packaging products with peace of mind and integrity. 

Read more about our responsible sourcing practices here.

Our products are and will always be:
Aligned with the Single-use plastics directive

Any product included in our food packaging and tableware range will adhere to the legislation and guidelines set out by the European Union in the Single-use plastics directive. This means that you know when buying our Verive products that your business will be single-use plastics directive compliant. 

In addition to this reassurance we help you to identify the best alternatives to banned products with this logo: 


When you see this logo alongside one of our products you know that it is an alternative to a product that is banned or restricted by the single-use plastics directive. To read more about the items that are impacted in the legislation head here. 

Our product commitments provide you with the reassurance that you are doing right by people and planet when serving your food and drinks in Verive packaging. 

We understand that sustainability is not as simple as making 3-4 long-standing commitments and for this reason we commit to continually working to improve our supply chain, processes and products. If you have any questions or suggestions on our product commitments then get in touch with us today. Together we can future-proof your supply chain. 

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