Disposables in hotels: a case study with Hotelschool the Hague.

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Verive’s team of sustainability experts help Hoge Hotelschool the Hague align their food packaging with legislation and educate their students on how to successfully and sustainably choose food packaging.

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Francisco Morcillo

As an institution educating the future hoteliers of the world, the Hoge Hotelschool in the Hague (HHDH) know the importance of promoting sustainable practice across all disciplines. Their number one priority was finding the best way to deal with disposables. To ensure they are using disposables in the most responsible way they called in Verive’s team of sustainability experts.

What were the challenges?

When training future hoteliers and leaders, you naturally want to do this in a future-proof way as the evolution of the industry depends on them. HHDH’s key pillar is to educate students through honest story-telling. As hard as we try to reduce and reuse, the use of some disposables is sometimes unavoidable in the foodservice sector. So what is the honest story when it comes to disposables? How can they be used responsibly?

Verive’s commitment to transparency made our team a perfect match for this challenge.

Hoge Hotelschool the Hague
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Why did the Hoge Hotelschool the Hague choose Verive?

“We were looking for a partner who could give us honest and clear advice about the SUP legislation,” says Bjorn Mielke, Food & Beverage Controller at HHDH. “We also wanted to know exactly which steps we had to take to handle disposables sustainably, for now and in the future. We were looking for a partner with experience in the foodservice market and extensive knowledge of materials, products and legislation. We soon found Verive Consultancy Services. They too have the objective to provide people with clear and honest information.”

What is the honest story when it comes to disposables?

What was Verive’s solution to this challenge?

The collaboration kicked off with understanding HHDH better: what is it that they are looking for, what are the preconditions and what are their short- and long-term objectives in sustainability? After gaining a clear picture of the needs of HHDH our consultants conducted an extensive analysis of the disposable packaging products they purchased in the past year. In this analysis they assessed for the following:

  • To what extent does this product fit under the new SUP legislation?

  • Which changes are coming soon?

  • What could be improved?

  • Which products are future-proof and which aren’t?

Following this in-depth analysis of their food packaging our consultants were able to give a clear overview and guidance based on:

  • What needs to be done in the short term?

  • What will change in the medium long term?

  • What does the hotel school not have to think about for the time being?

With this, our team presented an overview and some suggestions in alternative packaging that HHDH could use in order to future-proof their business and align with legislation.

Our consultants went further than just food packaging products, they also looked at the students and employees at HHDH – what knowledge do they need, how can they themselves tell this honest story, what kind of training may be required for them? In essence, we provided HHDH with not just the solutions, but the knowledge to implement them both now and later.

Working with Verive has taught me to look at the whole process.

The outcome for Hoge Hotelschool the Hague

Our analysis and the resulting recommendations gave HHDH guidance and insights for the future. Bjorn Mielke was pleased to have recruited Verive as a partner: “The conversations with Verive have given me more insight into our sustainability. They have shown me that we are on the right track, and that we can go further. I found the product analysis and the presentation of the alternative products very interesting and will greatly contribute to achieving our sustainability goals.

Working with Verive has taught me to look at the whole process. Not only for our own use, but from raw material, through production, to waste processing. I see much clearer how you can deal with disposables and packaging in a sustainable way. And it's nice to have a partner that can answer all your questions. I can highly recommend Verive if you want to use disposables and packaging in a more sustainable way.”

We founded Verive to help companies in their quest for sustainability.

A great collaboration

It wasn’t only HHDH that was happy with the collaboration, we were too. One of our sustainability experts, Marcea van Doorn explains why: “The collaboration was very good, because we both have the basic principle that you should share knowledge and always tell an honest story. We founded Verive to help companies in their quest for sustainability. The Hoge Hotelschool The Hague struggled with choices, materials and with legislation. It's great that we could help them with that. We are very proud of the fact that together we have achieved a result that everyone within the hotel school can agree with and which is a fully future-proof plan.”

Do you want to future-proof your business or establishment?

Are you also interested in improving your sustainability credentials and future-proofing your business? Do you want to be sure that your product range is in line with legislation, or do you want to understand how you can be one step ahead of the new legislation that is coming? Let’s talk!

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