SUP Directive-proof tableware: Our answer to the plastics & packaging laws

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Are you ready for the new single-use plastic laws? Our hybrid solution will help you: a mix of disposables and reusables, adaptable for on-site consumption or takeaway.

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By now you’re probably familiar with the fact that EU countries are implementing legislation in line with the Single-Use Plastic Directive by setting individual reduction targets for decreasing plastic tableware and packaging waste. Much of this legislation pushes for the use of reusable packaging and tableware for onsite consumption.

These new regulations vary by EU country, each with its own nuances (according to business size, capacity, location, etc.). Nonetheless, in an on-the-go society we need to adapt our solutions to fit the situation, using reusables where logical and disposables when not possible. This is why we developed our hybrid SUP Directive-proof range.

Meet our SUPD-proof range

Our range of ‘SUPD-proof’ products consist of reusable packaging used alongside disposable packaging that does not contain plastics polymers. Check out the range here to see which products we offer. Under the EU plastics legislation these products can continue to be used for onsite consumption of food and drink post-2024. In addition, all of these products can be used for takeaway meals when needed.

Verive SUP Directive-proof products

Why is hybrid the best way forward?

Because of legislative constraints and the availability of compliant products, Verive advocates for a hybrid approach for the best results. But what exactly is a hybrid approach? To stay one step ahead, food service businesses like yours should offer a mix of reusable options and responsibly sourced, recyclable or compostable disposables.

We can’t bury our heads in the sand and avoid the simple fact that some reusable options aren’t suitable for all meals and locations and some disposable packaging solutions offer convenience that reusable packaging simply cannot.

Hybrid solutions

We therefore advise offering a healthy balance of polymer-free disposables and recyclables for takeaway sales and reusable tableware suited for repeat washing and reuse for on-site consumption. Some or all of this reusable tableware might be made of typical restaurant-standard porcelain plates, steel cutlery or it could be a selection of Verive’s cups and meal boxes.

But what about drinks and soups?

Currently there are no completely polymer-free, plastic alternatives on the market suitable for liquids. Therefore, drinks and soups should be served in reusable containers for onsite consumption.

In the fast-moving world of alternative packaging, we keep our eyes peeled for innovations in anticipation of changes in legislation. If another supplier claims to offer a ‘plastic-free’ disposable product suitable for liquids, please contact us – we’d be happy to help you verify these claims. And of course, we keep our eyes open for innovations.

What are others doing?

To paint a more complete picture, we will share our experience from a recent visit to a Burger King branch in Paris. This outlet showcased Burger King’s new hybrid system. They offer a simple mix of disposable alternatives and reusables that illustrates the kind of blend we recommend our clients adopt to futureproof their business in accordance with the SUP Directive. They use paper products for food products and then reusables for all ‘wet’ goods. Plus, they provide separate bins for depositing these differing materials.

Reusables at Burger King
Burger King in Paris has adopted hybrid packaging solutions.

In the UK, Burger King recently struck up a partnership with Loop to trial reusable packaging for select menu items in certain restaurants. Working towards their goal of reducing waste, Burger King will give its customers the option to pay a £1 repayable deposit for reusable cups or containers instead of single-use packaging. To find out more about their deposit scheme and how it works, click here.

A hybrid solution for every EU country

Verive’s catch-all solution to the Single-Use Plastic Directive focuses on adopting hybrid systems consisting of alternative, recyclable disposables and high-quality reusables. This approach is purpose-built for any EU-member state no matter what country-specific reduction measures may encompass.

If you are looking to implement a hybrid or fully reusable system, then we can support you in the selection and personalisation of products. Get in touch today.

Verive reusables personalisation solutions
Our reusables cups and containers can be personalised to meet your branding needs.
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