Verive coffee cups, a bright and ambitious design set to reflect our brand

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You may or may not have seen our Verive coffee cup range. Made from bamboo paper and aqueous lining, here’s why we chose this design and these materials.

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Mario van den Hoeven
Our coffee cup design – the meaning

Our colourful range of Verive coffee cups have a distinct and striking design, one based on nature. We chose a powerful design to demonstrate that sustainability need not be a compromise. Sustainability can incorporate attractive design, functionality, value and values. Not only do a range of colours make it easier for your team to identify the right size quickly, but it also makes our range more dynamic, showing just how much Verive has to offer your business.

Our coffee cup design – the inspiration

Inspired by plants and leaves, these organic shapes signify elegance and sustainability. Whilst the design was influenced by the flowing of leaves, they also style like the undulation motion of the ocean and running water. Ultimately signifying life, motion and development – a delicate balance of ecosystems to which we are all a party to.

Compostable coffee cups
Our compostable drinks cups are made from bamboo paper with aqueous coating

Our coffee cup design – the colours

The range of colours used are the colour palette of the Verive brand.

The range

Our range consists of 7 cups of different sizes:

4oz – A size for the espresso or juice shot, because our cups are also good for cold drinks. As you know, espresso is a strong drink, for those hardcore coffee drinkers. We therefore think the Verive blue, our darkest brand colour, is the most appropriate for this design. Additionally, the 4oz cup is also good for taste testing or sauces and dressings. Want to get your customers to taste test that new smoothie recipe? Do it with our 4oz’er.

7oz and 7.5 oz – These sizes are typically used in closed environment situations, rather than a standard coffee house to-go cup, you’ll find them in locations such as offices, schools and leisure centres. For this reason, we distinguish between the takeaway and the “stay” cups by making the pattern solid.  We opted for our main brand colours for these cups – the Verive orange and our dark green.

8oz – The “middle child” of our Verive coffee cup family. Your standard size coffee cup for to-go drinks, and likely to be the most popular size of the range. For this reason, we have chosen the Verive orange. A standout colour, designed to draw the attention your takeaway drinks deserve. Remember, our cups can also be used for cold drinks. So if you serve coffee alongside juices and soft drinks then this is the cup for you.

10oz – Our 10oz coffee cup uses the second Verive green, a lighter green. The second green but no less attractive, we might say. A cup that is a little wider in size, slightly bulkier and ideal for longer drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos.

12oz – This cup incorporates our Verive green that you see on our website. We consider this a cup size most commonly found at coffee bars, also for longer drinks such as latte or hot chocolate. A feel-good colour and design to really brighten your customer’s coffee break!

16oz – Last but certainly NOT least the 16oz, a huge cup for that- much needed coffee break. We chose blue for this design to provide the second bookend to our range of coffee cups. 16oz cups are ideal for that pick me up cup of tea but also cold drink. Perhaps you serve a homemade iced tea or bubble tea?

Verive coffee cups
EN13432 certified compostable

The materials
Bamboo paper

Our cups are made from bamboo paper. Bamboo paper has a slightly lighter colour to it than the traditional kraft brown colour, it comes out as a more sandy colour than a brown. Bamboo is a highly renewable material as it’s one of the fastest growing plants. Read more about bamboo as a material here.

Aqueous coating

Sometimes also referred to as water-based lining or coating. This is a new addition to the sustainable packaging material market, so you are right to wonder what it is or where it’s come from! We call it a coating or lining for quick and easy understanding, but in fact it is a treatment of the base material (here being bamboo paper). This treatment is one of pigments and water-based lacquers on all the paper, which merges into the material to make it resistant to leakage. This is completely safe and of course, food contact safe.

This treatment does contain polymers, meaning it is considered to contain plastic. We therefore add the EU’s single-use plastic directive turtle logo to our cups to fully comply with legislation.

Please note that the first batch of our coffee cups were ordered prior to the definition and implementation of this law and therefore do not carry the logo. This, too, fully complies with legislation as the products were manufactured before July 3rd. You can trust that Verive always fully complies with the single-use plastics directive.

But what about PE or PLA linings?

Unlike water-based coating, PE and PLA linings are only on the inside of the coffee cups. Both these linings use more materials than the aqueous coating we have chosen for Verive coffee cups.

  • PE lining typically contains about 18g of PE per m2 of paper or cardboard

  • PLA lining typically contains about 30g per m2

  • Our aqueous coating contains just 6g per m2

We use less materials but maintain the level of quality and the barrier to leakage that you would expect from a coffee cup. In addition to using less resources, a reduced amount of material increased the recyclability of coffee cups. Our Verive coffee cups are therefore easier to recycle in that they decrease the amount of residue in the recycling process.


In addition, our coffee cups are industrially compostable, according to the EN13432 certification, where industrial facilities exist.

To recap, the advantages of our Verive coffee cups are:

  • Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, meaning you can have less stock of products

  • Less resources used to produce, including the use of the highly renewable bamboo

  • Excellent heat insulation and prevention of leakage

  • Increased recyclability and decreased residue from the process

  • EN13432 certified industrially compostable

And let’s not forget – the design – after all nobody talks about brown paper cups!

Check out the range today. If you have any questions regarding the materials or range of coffee cups, get in touch.

Compostable drinks cup
Cheers to your coffee break

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