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Are you looking for a full-service system or a way of implementing reusable food packaging? Verive is here to support every step of the way. With Verive 360 we take a 360-degree approach and implement simple and bespoke food and drink packaging solutions.

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Stiina Ottender

Why reusable food packaging? 

The rollout of legislation like the EU’s SUP Directive is pushing governments towards circular economies that include replacing disposables for reusables in various contexts like on-site consumption. Does this spell the end of disposable food packaging?  

Definitely not. In a lot of consumer contexts, disposables are and will remain the best option especially when a reusable gets lost or stolen after fewer than five uses. In fact, the amount of feasible reuses is key in determining whether reusable packaging is more sustainable in a given context compared to disposables. 

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The major difference between the two systems goes beyond the product itself in that a disposable is thrown away after a single use, whereas reusables are not. Therefore implementing a reusable system requires different handling processes to ensure multiple reuses. Verive 360 supports you in this changeover, making the switch to reusables as simple and efficient as possible. 

Verive 360: what makes us different 

Verive 360: our strengths
Verive 360 simplifies and streamlines the system transition, facilitating the switch to reusables.

It’s difficult navigating the many options for reusable packaging on the market, but we’re ready to help. 

  • As a B2B white label solution, we put your brand front and centre. As a Bunzl brand, we've been working with businesses just like yours for many years. By taking the time to understand your story and nuances, we create solutions that best match your business’ operations. 

  • We offer you internationally scalable solutions that are partner agnostic. Verive is present across Europe and can help you go beyond borders by allowing you to tap into our extensive knowledge base and broad network of partners. We are not bound to specific products, materials, manufacturers and partners, meaning you select the partners and solutions that make the most sense for your business.   

Your single point of contact 

Feeling overwhelmed by all the reusable options and partners on the market? We offer you a one-stop-shop for reusable food packaging and hybrid solutions. When you chose Verive, we coordinate the implementation of reusable packaging by acting as your sole point of contact throughout the supply chain.  

Ready to get started? Here is a sneak peek into our initial assessment, where we examine: 

  • Your packaging needs 

  • Your goals for a reusable packaging system 

  • Your user contexts (e.g. dine-in or takeaway) for the food packaging 

  • Your current possibilities in terms of operations and equipment 

Verive 360: getting started
Verive 360: getting started

These answers begin to guide us towards finding a suitable approach when it comes to the distribution of reusable packaging, whether to work with a deposit or token scheme, the collection of used packaging, and, of course, the washing and reusing these items. Throughout this process, we provide our customers with accurate information and support as well as connecting you to the most suitable partners. 

Ready for the change? 

Get in touch with us today to take the first step towards turning your packaging reusable:

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