Responsible sourcing

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We source our products in an ethical and responsible manner, but what exactly does that mean and entail? Read our commitments to responsibly sourcing your food packaging and tableware.

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Responsible sourcing

We source our range of products in an ethical and responsible way. You can depend on us to deliver quality and value, whilst relying on us to ensure the products that you enjoy are sourced consciously and credibly. 

We work with many suppliers around the world.  We expect all Verive suppliers to meet the same internationally recognised human rights, environmental and quality standards that we expect of our own business.

These include meeting local legislative requirements but also applicable international requirements for workers’ welfare and conditions of employment, such as those set by the International Labour Organization (‘ILO’) and the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Inside a Bunzl warehouse (1)
Inside a Bunzl warehouse

Code of conduct for suppliers

All Verive suppliers must adhere to our supplier code of conduct as a condition of doing business with us. The supplier code is available in many languages and is actively communicated by our business to our suppliers, particularly in those countries with increased risk of modern slavery and other social risks.

We have an in-house quality assurance and control team based in Shanghai who perform regular audits of our direct suppliers across Asia to ensure that they meet our standards in relation to human rights, conditions of work and hygiene management systems. 

We have zero tolerance for unacceptable practices, include use of child, forced or bonded labour, illegal discrimination, wages not meeting local minimum requirements, not providing adequate days of rest and any other breach of local or applicable international requirements for workers’ welfare and conditions of employment.  Relationships with suppliers that fail to make improvements in these areas are and will be terminated.

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Packing orders for delivery

We have your back

You can be sure that any Verive product has been sourced with the utmost consideration for people and the planet. Therefore allowing you to enjoy your packaging products with peace of mind and integrity. 

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Read our Supplier Code of Conduct:

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