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We’ve got you covered, literally. Checkout the wrapped essentials in our Verive food packaging range, to help keep your customers feeling safe and happy.

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Gijs Voskuilen

As we move forwards into this widely discussed “new normal”, your customers are eager to enjoy your food and drinks once again. We can help make that happen. Our wrapped cutlery sets and wrapped paper straws are the ideal, hygiene-conscious tableware to accompany your menu. 

Waxed wood cutlery

Our wrapped waxed wood cutlery come individually or in complete sets of 3 or 4 pieces, including a napkin. Our 3-in-1 set contains a fork, knife and napkin, and our 4-in-1 set has a fork, knife, spoon and napkin. We opted for waxed wood because we hear you when you say you don’t like the feel of wooden cutlery. The thin layer of wax is a game changer for your customers, it feels wonderfully smooth and because the wax is a natural material there are no negative consequences for customer’s health and it doesn’t impact the compostability of the cutlery. In fact, our wrapped cutlery and cutlery sets come certified EN13432 meaning they are compostable, where industrial composting facilities exist. 

waxed wood cutlery

Wrapped cutlery? Is that sustainable?

Wrapped cutlery, more wrapping, “Is that sustainable?” We hear you ask. 

The paper wrapping our cutlery is fully recyclable. More importantly, wrapped cutlery ultimately results in less waste. In particular, at high-traffic locations, where many people pick up cutlery or it can easily fall on the floor. Wrapped alternatives are definitely the most sustainable option as they reduce waste. Additionally, wrapped cutlery reduces the chance of people taking more cutlery than they need and prevents cross-contamination, both of which can occur when people pick up the unwrapped cutlery themselves. 

Check out our wrapped cutlery sets today, they’re perfect for your takeaway, delivery or meal kit. 

Wrapped cutlery

Wrapped paper straw

The single-use plastics directive bans plastic straws, so we’ve got you covered on all angles – both hygiene and the plastics ban. With our wrapped paper straw you can reassure your customers that you have their health at the heart of their business whilst doing right by the planet. 

Say no to soggy straws

The benefits don’t end there. Our wrapped paper straw is made from 4-layers of paper meaning it is stronger than your standard straw and your customers don’t have to gulp down their drinks. 

Our straws are the ideal supplement when serving drinks at a bar, event, food truck or takeaway. Don’t forget, they are also EN13432 certified compostable (where industrial composting facilities exist)!

Get your wrapped paper straws today.


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