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Exploring the possibilities of personalised reusable cups

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Looking for a way to make your brand stand out? Verive offers tailored solutions to elevate your brand image with personalised reusable cups. Explore the benefits of customising your cups in this article. We'll delve into the various printing and lasering methods available, along with the personalisation options we provide.

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Custom coffee cups  

Personalising your reusable cups offers numerous benefits. At Verive, we prioritise your brand and provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Let’s explore the types of personalisation available, and the methods we use to bring your designs to life. Read on to discover how you can personalise your reusable cup and the benefits it brings. 


Discover the benefits of personalising your reusable cups 

Personalising your coffee cups offers dual advantages: enhancing brand visibility and facilitating efficient return systems. Branded cups act as a continuous advertisement and promotional tool, boosting brand visibility and reinforcing your brand each time they are used. Additionally, features like laser-engraved QR codes or RFID chips facilitate efficient returns. 

In some environments, a deposit or penalty system can improve the return rate of reusable packaging. Customers pay a deposit upfront, refunded upon return, or face a penalty for late returns. Personalisation, such as unique QR codes or RFID chips, may be required. Chips can be sticked on or integrated. Let the Verive Wizard help you find the right solution for your needs. 


Advantages of opting for Verive’s branded reusable cups 

  • Low minimum order quantities: Did you know you can order Verive’s reusables starting from just one box? This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from personalised reusable cups. Check our catalogue to see the box quantities of your preferred coffee cup, lid, and sleeve. 
  • Produced locally: All Verive reusable packaging is produced in Europe. 
  • Lead times: Depending on the quantities ordered, you can have your personalised reusables in stock within 2-3 weeks. For advanced personalization, the lead time is 4-8 weeks, due to the time it takes to get the Pantone colour of your cups just right. 
  • Design support: Our team is here to help you translate your artwork, logo or branding into an eye-catching coffee cup. We offer professional design support to ensure your logo and graphics are presented beautifully and effectively. 


Personalisation options: Basic or Advanced  

At Verive, we offer two types of personalisation for reusable packaging products. If you wish to add your logo or a small piece of artwork to reusable coffee cups, and you are happy with one of our off-the-shelf coloured cups, basic personalisation is ideal.  

For more customised needs, such as executing the coffee cup in a specific colour, advanced personalisation is available. This option allows for a higher degree of customisation but comes with higher minimum order quantities than basic personalisation. It’s perfect for brands looking to make a unique statement with their reusable cups. 


Different printing and lasering methods explained 

We offer various methods for adding your branding to our reusable coffee cups, each suited to different needs and budgets. If you’re not sure what to go for and need specific advice, get in touch. We’re here to help!  

Personalisation options for coffee cups

Laser Engraving 

This method involves no added ink, which means it doesn’t affect the recycling possibilities of the cup; in a closed loop with a specific scheme, you would even be able to recycle your cup into food-safe packaging again. The colour of the engraving depends on the cup’s colour, making it ideal for adding unique (QR) codes or single-colour artwork. 

Tampo Print 

Tampo print is an indirect printing method where ink is transferred to a silicone print pad and then pressed onto the cup. This technique is perfect for non-flat surfaces like reusable coffee cups. It ensures that your print looks consistent across different cup colours as we always start with a white base. 

In Mold Labeling (IML) 

IML allows for a 360-degree print on Basic Verive coffee cups. A preprinted label that covers the entire surface of the cup is inserted into the mold during production, becoming a permanent part of the product. This method is excellent for full-coverage designs. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing transfers a stencilled design onto the cups, creating bright, vibrant prints. It’s especially popular for single-colour designs but can also accommodate multiple colours in layers. 

Hot Stamping 

Hot stamping involves transferring a pre-dried print onto the cup surface at high temperatures. This method is ideal for adding specific colour prints to the white standard coffee cup.


Download our infographic for a complete overview


The right personalisation for your business 

Above, various options for coffee cup personalisation are explained. Do you have a small point of sales or coffee kiosk and do you wish to receive your reusable cups quickly? Then the Premium and Basic coffee cups of Verive offer a good solution: they are available from just one box and can be personalised with your logo in just 2-3 weeks. 

Are you implementing a smart return system with RFID-chips and is branding of less importance to you? Then our off-white cups might be the ones for you. They are one of the few in todays’ market where integration of chips, like RFID, is possible. 


Let’s get started 

Ready to make a statement with Verive’s customisable reusable cups? Locate your nearest Bunzl company offering Verive products, or get in touch to begin your order. Personalising your coffee cups with Verive is the perfect way to showcase your brand and leave a lasting impact.

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