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About Verive

What is Verive?

Brought to you by Bunzl, Verive is an exclusive brand created to address the need for clear and honest information on the sustainability of business consumables, particularly food packaging and tableware.

Read more about us here.

How does Verive relate to Bunzl?

Verive is a Bunzl brand, meaning we are only sold by Bunzl operating companies. To get to know the companies currently selling Verive products, visit the Where to buy page.

Can I join Verive?

Nice that you want to join our team and support our mission. When a new role opens up, we share it via our channels, like LinkedIn. You are also welcome to reach out to us via

Where are you headquartered?

We are proudly headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In which countries do you operate?

Our products and services are available across Europe. Find out exactly where on our Where to Buy page.

Get in touch with us to tell us more about your business and find out more about what we can do in your location.

Where can I buy Verive products?

As we grow, you can buy Verive in more and more countries across Europe. Find out exactly where via our Where to Buy page.

Are your products compliant with the SUP directive in the EU?

Yes, all our products are compliant with the Single Use Plastics Directive. In some countries, there are specific rules for using certain products in particular situations. Think of plastic bans for on-site consumption. 

Get in touch with us in case you are in doubt, or check out the Verive Wizard for a solution that matches your situation.


Which products do you offer?

We offer disposable (single-use) and reusable food packaging products. You can find all of our product categories here.

In addition to food packaging, we supply the hardware that might be needed for your reusable system. Think of collection bins, rinse aid, dishwasher racks, and more.

Where can I find more information about the products you offer?

On our product page, you will find detailed information about our different products. You can also check out our newest catalogue. Do you require more information, like certifications? Feel free to Get in touch with us.

Where can I find the specs for the products in your range?

A lot of product information is provided in our catalogue. Do you require more information, like certifications? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

What if you don't sell what I am looking for?

No problem. As part of Bunzl, we have adopted their “one-stop-shop” business model, meaning if you need a different food packaging material or tableware item, we will try wherever possible to source and supply it. Simply leave us a message to discuss this further.

What makes your products different form others?

At Verive we have clear product commitments. For example, if we say a product is made of recycled materials, you can be sure a minimum of 51% recycled material is used. If we say a product is recyclable, it is fully recyclable in regular, accessible waste streams. And we maintain a few more of these commitments, always assuring you a sustainable and responsible solution.

Do you sell reusable packaging?

Yes, we do. From cups to plates and meal boxes to PC (polycarbonate) glasses, you will find everything in our catalogue and via our products page. There are a lot of customisation options available to showcase your brand. 

In addition, we sell products to support your reusable systems. Think of RFID-chipped hardware, collection bins, and rinse aid. Check our Verive 360 page for more information, or simply send us a message.

Do you do off-site washing?

We can facilitate off-site washing for you. As a ‘one-stop-shop’ service partner, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Do you facilitate deposit schemes with possible smart solutions?

Yes, we do. We can advise you on suitable deposit schemes and have everything in place to tailor the hardware to your needs. Think of QR codes, barcodes, or even RFID chips in combination with regular or smart bins. We can even connect this to your software systems, like apps and reward systems.

What materials do you use for your packaging?

We use different kinds of materials. For disposable packaging, think paper, cardboard, bagasse, palm leaf, rPET, wood, and bamboo. For our reusables, we mainly use PP but also PC, PETG, and composite. For each product group, the material is indicated on our product pages and in the catalogue.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to send us a message.


Can I design my own prints?

We would love to help you make this happen. Our printed products do come with a minimum order quantity. Get in touch to discuss the opportunities we have for designing your own sustainable food packaging and tableware.

How can I get advice on the best products for my business?

Our Verive Wizard will help you choose the best product or material for your business and operations. Try it now. 

If you’d like to change your complete range or try an innovative material in your food packaging and tableware, get in touch. Together, we can partner to build and implement your sustainability plan in food packaging.

What are the lead times for customised food packaging products?

This varies between the products. For reusable food packaging, like cups and meal boxes, you can find the indicated lead times in the catalogue. For other requests, get in touch with us.

What are the minimum quantities for customised food packaging products?

This differs between the products. For reusable food packaging, like cups and meal boxes, you can find the indicated minimum order quantities in the catalogue. Whichever operating company you buy from, they will also be up-to-date with this information. For other requests, get in touch.


Where are your products sourced?

We source part of the disposable products range in Asia. Here you can read more about our policy for responsible sourcing and the strict audits we perform. The rest of our disposable products are locally sourced, and reusable products are typically sourced in Europe.

What do you mean by ‘responsibly sourced', and how is this proven?

We regularly audit our suppliers in high-risk areas. Read more about the audits and view reports here.

Services and Verive 360

What services do you offer?

We offer support in circular reusable systems for food packaging. This service is called Verive 360. You can read more about this on this page. Get in touch for more information, or if you require support in your switch from disposable to reusable food packaging.

What is Verive 360

Verive 360 is our full-service offering for reusable systems. Read more about it here, or simply Get in touch.

What are the costs of your services?

We tailor our services to the size of your business and your objective, meaning we not only tailor strategy and training to your specific needs, but also the price.

Leave us a message telling us more about your business, and we will provide you with a quote for our services.

How do you run your services?

Our bespoke services are tailored to your individual situation. We are happy and fully equipped to work with you face-to-face or online, depending on what works best for you. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.

In which countries do you offer your services?

Our services are available across Europe. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss the opportunities available in your area.

Data security and privacy

Is my information secure and private?

Of course. Read more about our cookies here and our privacy policies here.

Is my information secure and private?

You can change your cookie settings at any point via this link or via the link in the footer.


There’s some information on the website I don’t understand, is there someone I can talk to?

If there’s something on our website you don’t understand or you want more information then we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a message and one of our team of sustainability experts will get back to you.

I’m interested in becoming a supplier, partner or collaborator of Verive

We always welcome new partnerships, especially if you too share our objectives in sustainability.

If you are interested in working with us on our products and services or featuring in one of our articles then don’t hesitate to Leave us a message and chat with one of our team.

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