The latest news and our insights in sustainability


Join us as we explore the changes that sustainability is bringing about in the catering industry. Featuring case studies, interviews and discussion pieces.

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  • Sustainable solutions

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Want to know why we selected our Verive product range and what makes our food packaging and tableware different? We also share with you our top tips on choosing and using sustainable food packaging.

  • Packaging products

  • Commercial applications

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Do you wonder how you future-proof your supply chain? Wonder no more, our range of articles discuss responsible sourcing and how we can ensure ultimate consideration for people and planet when choosing a supplier.

  • Responsible sourcing

  • People & planet

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"The climate crisis is caused by us - and the solutions must come from us" - António Guterres


Features on the societal issues and trends that impact sustainability and the way we live or do business. Including uplifting stories and news on movements and work in communities to collaborate on climate change.

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  • Community

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Where does food packaging and tableware go when it’s finished with? How can we reduce waste and build a circular economy? Check out our insights on all things related to waste.

  • Waste management

  • 3 R's

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Let us answer your burning questions around the new materials you see in the market of food packaging and tableware. These articles will also dive into certifications and legislation.

  • Alternative materials

  • Lifecycle analysis

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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."


Discover how you can make sustainability a part of the day to day of your retail business. Explore the discussion, find out how to build your sustainability strategy and the solutions available in the market today.

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  • Interviews

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A digest of environmental news and insights on combating climate change. Join us as we myth bust, debate and look at how we can build a sustainable future.

  • Carbon footprint

  • Climate change

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Let’s delve into the sustainability discussion in the hospitality sector. Read about how it’s evolving, what the key trends are and what others are doing right now.

  • Case studies

  • Training teams

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