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Verive’s products are sourced with great attention to materials and their characteristics: where are they coming from, what does it take and what happens at the end of life: what are the recycling or composting options? Check out our material factsheets and learn more.

Curious about Verive’s reusable and disposable packaging products? Browse through our catalogs and learn more about the products and how you can personalize them to your needs.

Do you want to switch to reusable food and drink packaging, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! From packaging to hardware and from washing to smart tech. Check out our supporting assets, or leave us a message.

Every now and then we invite an expert to share knowledge about what’s new in food packaging, and how to future-proof your packaging strategy. In this section you find recordings of past Verive Talks, associated assets and other video’s.

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